We all want clear skin and yet at times for some people clear skin can be hard to achieve.  Recently I was contacted by a girl who was looking for some advice on how to achieve clear skin but just prior to making a consultation she was advised by her friend to stop wearing make-up for a week to see if her skin was any better.  Sure enough after a week she had clear skin and when she contacted me I explained that at times make-up can cause skin issues.

Acne is a term that is used to cover all types of spots. In itself it is an inaccurate term because the body has many reasons why it produces substances that come out of the pores of the skin. If you are looking for clear skin, you need to understand how your body works.

If you are looking to achieve clear skin it is important to look for signs.  For example if you have clear skin and wear very little make-up during the day but find that you have spots after wearing a heavier foundation then it is likely that you are reacting to the foundation.

The skin tends to produce medium red spots half pus/half fluid which start to appear around 1-2 hours after application of the make-up.  If your skin is reacting you may find that you are irritable and have a desperate urge to wash your face. After washing your face you find that you are relieved and no longer irritable and the next day spots are gone and you have clear skin.

Powder also stop you from having clear skin. Spots from the use of powder differs and these tend to be tiny 1mm whiteheads. There are many reasons why the body can produce tiny whiteheads so to know if these are being caused by powder, they will only appear after using powder.  If tiny whiteheads appear on your skin when you are not wearing any make-up, you need to seek advice as you will have underlying health issues that will need to be corrected and simply opting to clear skin from the outside will not be sufficient.

Problems with the use of powder can occur when powder is applied regularly during the day over foundation and when the skin is oily. It is always better to wash off make-up after a working day and re-apply it before going out rather than apply powder over old make-up, this is when you are most at risk from whiteheads appearing.

Of course, in order to achieve clear skin it is vital that make-up brushes are kept clean and that compacts are regularly changed.  Compacts in themselves if you insist on using the same old sponge can breed bacteria especially if your skin is oily. It is far better to throw away the applicator and instead use fresh clean cotton wool pads to dab your face during the day and in this way you are not spreading bacteria that can stop you from achieving clear skin.

The desperation to achieve clear skin can often cause girls to alternate make-up time and time again as well as skincare products; it can then prove challenging to know what is causing the problem. The problem can also be that make-up manufacturers can change the ingredients from time to time so what was fine for you before can start to cause reactions and you are left wondering why.

The best advice I can give for make-up is, to check the above advice and see if you can link make-up to the appearance of spots. If you think your make-up is stopping you from having clear skin, stop your make-up for 3 days and see if your skin is any better.  Some of the big names make-up brands can be as irritating as the oily cheaper brands sold in the chemist shops.

At my clinic I offer advice on make-up and skincare products to help my clients to achieve clear skin but the simple rule I follow is always to keep the skincare routine simple and a light make-up avoiding powders if at all possible.  The less fuss from the outside the better the chance of achieving clear skin.








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Fresh Approach To Acne Treatment

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